105 Days to go

Hello folks,

Sorry about the lack of updates. I’ve been away because of some sad stuff that happened in the family which I won’t go into in detail. I was unable to check my emails, the site, etc. I came back and resumed my no phone, no internet and no email life and I’ve been working 16-hour days for the past ten days or so. I want to thank all of you folks who got concerned about me. I’m officially back to the online world and I’m trying to catch up on my emails.

I’ve decided to end writing daily blog posts because it takes me a long time to write even the shortest of them, and lately I just don’t have the willpower to write these things before going to bed. Plus all the high level stuff, be it planning, designing, programming, marketing an indie game, is in the blog written in various levels of detail and lately all my daily activity is dedicated to the nitty-gritty of making the game, which is much less interesting even for this blog.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be posting updates about the game but I’d rather write them in an unscheduled manner.

I had promised a friend that worked as an editor for an indie gaming site that I’d send the first screenshots of the game to him but I don’t think he’ll mind if I release just one in this blog. Besides, not a lot of people read the blog. It’ll be our secret.

7 Responses to 105 Days to go

  1. Reply Tim says:

    Ah there you are.

    I’m impressed you’ve managed to do daily posts this long anyway. I don’t think I’d be able to come up with something on a daily basis when working on a single project, yet somehow you did it for over half a year. It makes more sense to be to post if you have something you really want to say.

    The screenshot looks like a CG image render from the 3D software. Is that what it is? If it’s actually a screenshot from in the game then I am thoroughly impressed. That’s some pretty high end quality for a 1 man job.

  2. Reply Egor says:

    I am very happy that everything is fine with you!

    I totally agree with Tim, is a breathtaking graphics! Especially if you know that it made ​​one person!

  3. Reply Bob says:

    Wow is that a in-game screenshot if so that is amazing!

  4. Reply Bob says:

    also when do you think you will reveal some gameplay

  5. Reply Nikolas says:

    Wow, after finding out about your game from the frictional games forums I was already sold. I must say, I’m glad I spent the money to help. Hope everything gets better man. Tata!

  6. Reply Aaron says:

    Can’t wait to see some footage of the game.

  7. Reply Six Upcoming Survival Horror Games That Don't Involve Slender : Indie Statik says:

    […] of what can be seen in the trailer, but we do know that a ghostly woman haunts you. And from the one in-game screenshot we’ve seen so far, it seems that the game will pertain to a more realistic depiction of its […]

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