188 Days to go

Here’re the links I was talking about yesterday, plus some random ramblings:

Bungie, the makers of Halo have some nice papers at this link. Pretty interesting stuff, especially with regard to lighting workflows.

Joel Spolsky has written a very interesting article called The Perils of Java Schools (pretty old but still valid). I enjoyed reading the article since I’ve a strong distaste for everything Java. And here’s kind of a rebuttal of that article. I think both articles have very valid points.

C++ is just an abomination. Everything is wrong with it in every way. So I really tried to avoid using that as much as I could and do everything in C at Netscape.

The quote above is from an article called C++ from Coders at Work. It’s about how fucked up C++ is as a programming language. Quite a few very influential and famous programmers offer their 2 cents in the article.

Here’s an absolutely fantastic article about Quake 2 source code.

I’ve read about 30 pages of Something Wicked This Way Comes and I can pretty much see that it’s not going to be a horror novel. At this point, I can safely say that I’m not a fan of Ray Bradbury. I probably won’t read another word written by Bradbury.

Finished reading Stephen King’s short story entitled The Monkey. The cover of Skeleton Crew (King’s collection of short stories published in 1986) features the monkey from this story. I found the story rather depressing. Still way better than Bradbury’s work though.

Finished watching The Walking Dead season 2. I enjoyed seeing characters who talked with each other. I don’t think I screamed “just tell him that!” at the TV once. It’s pretty common for most TV show characters to stay mum on the most important stuff to keep the tension going, but not in Walking Dead. It seems zombies provide ample suspense for the writers so they don’t resort to bullshit like that.

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