3D Ivy Generator 2012

Hello folks,

I’ve been wanting to do something for the 3d community for a long time now. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough free time to create anything useful from scratch. I was working with Thomas Luft’s Ivy Generator for some scenes and even though it’s awesome, it was pretty slow to create ivies (it was using a single core). He was kind enough to provide the source of the program so I decided to take a shot at accelerating it.

Ivy generator is now fully multi-core optimized. It is 2.5X faster on a single core and an order of magnitude faster on 4 cores. As far as I can tell it is very stable. I’ve also updated the Qt and OpenGL libraries.

I want to thank Thomas Luft for creating this very useful tool, all the credit belongs to him. He has a donation page here. If you find the program useful, please consider donating.

Win32 Download

There won’t be a Mac or Linux release
Triangulate meshes before importing them into the app

Image Copyright Grunio

30 Responses to 3D Ivy Generator 2012

  1. Reply Tim says:

    I’m not sure how it works, but looking at the picture I’m fairly certain it’s a good utility. Even though that is a generated, still image, I want to see how you implemented it into your game.

    Also. Well done for giving to the community.

  2. Reply Rampally says:

    leaves are too flat .can we make leaves more realistic
    for example some bend or curvature……………….

  3. Reply 3DCGMODELER says:

    This is awesome, I use it all the time, and I will be back to say wow, after I tinker with the new.
    Will there be a 64 bit version possable???

    Thank You

  4. Reply romanimation says:

    great tool! loving it!

  5. Reply plechuga says:

    To cry or not to cry, this is awesome, to hear some news from this awesome app, is just great!

  6. Reply Jamie says:

    Thanks for doing this mate, but I have to be honest, really not noticing the difference. There’s a very minor speed increase when generating the curves, but generating the leaves and branches takes about twice as long.

  7. Reply Vigan Malazogu says:


    Is there an Win64 download??

  8. Reply CGP says:

    One word, awesome. You did a fantastic job. I was just assigned 3 shots with ivies in it and this has already made my job a lot easier.

    @Jamie: I’ve no idea what scene you are working on but IG2012 is using all of my 16 cores on all of my scenes. Maybe you need to test it on a real production setting with a little high poly mesh. It’s taking me 10 seconds to get 1000 branches compared to 2-3 mins previously.

  9. Reply daniel najera says:

    love the new generator did a test image, worked really fast


    thank you
    Daniel Najera

  10. Reply Dean says:

    What would it take to get this ported to the Mac platform?
    I have an 8 core Mac Pro just itching to run it.

  11. Reply Marcos Oliveira Martins says:

    Something to tell you people: DONATE! The state of the art of Ivy generating have to be refunded!

  12. Reply mr ivy says:

    Hi, great work on keeping this tool alive.

    However, its major limitation is that it only outputs triangulated geo. Is it possible to export the actual curves? (eps or whatever)
    This would be so so so much more useful!

  13. Reply triple_clone says:

    Avusturya teşekkürler. İstanbul’da 5 kez olmuştur. Her zaman çok güzeldi.

  14. Reply Dune says:

    How come I get an error after double clicking/opening the installed exe? A dosbox opens and I get the message ‘cannot initialize the program (0x0150002). Click OK to end program’.
    I downloaded twice in case it was corrupted. System is win XP (SP2) 32-bit.

  15. Reply Dune says:

    It does work on my internet connected version of XP. Does it need any specific files?

  16. Reply saudius says:

    No 64bits vesion?

  17. Reply EventMobil says:

    Thank you sooooo much for taking care of this wonderful program. I am using it already for almost 6 years, and it is still so unique. I change the textures to flies, or eyes, for science fiction use ( bloody tentacles with eyes instead leaves). To the guys who want the leaves improved: this is now YOUR work as artists. You want them curved or crumpled? Use material nodes and displacement maps. You want variations in color, even depending on the height of the leaves (those near to the ground green, those on top brown or yellow)? Use material nodes and relate them to the height coordinates. Those tasks are not for the Ivy generator, they are standard knowledge of a digital artist about how to handle his software like a paintbrush.
    The speed has now increased significantly, your reworking is done very well, and a great award for the original program.
    The one thing I was REALLY waiting for all years long, is, if the program could not possibly work with squared meshes, because so many props which could be used are in square polygons. The triangulation which is first needed on them is often tricky, keeping me away from trying many things out. Many users may not have the knowledge and software to first triangulate an entire car, before they can grow ivys over it… Wouldn’t this be possible to add?
    Million thanks again for taking care of this wonderful program!!

  18. Reply extreme says:

    hi! how to win 64?

  19. Reply seghier says:

    Hello ; very nice software ; thansks :)
    i also use the plugin for 3dsmax but a lot of leaf ; can you develop it to use one leaf as proxy ? to save memory

  20. Reply unl0cker says:

    Hello guys, two things! First things first, got this running just fine on my Mac using wine (wineskin) , if this blogger wishes I can write a small & quick tutorial on how to do it. Here is the PoC:

    Ivy Gen 2012 Mac PoC

    Secondly, how this program is different from the original one. I mean, what are the changes?

    Thanks for this,


  21. Reply unl0cker says:

    *** 3D IvyGen 2012 – MAC “Version” ***

    3D IvyGen 2012 (MAC)

    Wrapped using Wineskin Winery, with engine version 1.4.1, and using XQuartz.

    Works fine on my Macbook (Intel300) Pro Late 2012.

    • Reply Sally Schrock says:

      The download link for the Mac version is dead. Does anyone know of an alternate location where I can download it? Many thanks in advance! Sally

  22. Reply G9k says:

    Skydrive is showing “This item might not exist or is no longer available”
    Is it gone or is it just me?

    If it’s an order of magnitude faster on four cores, well, I have eight, was wondering what that might be like.

  23. Reply yossi says:

    very nice, much faster !
    I know there’s a script to have this INSIDE maya, do you have it …?

  24. Reply Micheus says:

    Ferzan, thanks for the update.
    … and yeah, a 64bit version would be great too. :)

    I was doing a test and got a QT crash when I clicked Birth to create the huge ivy. You can check the screenshot for the parameters and QT console with the error message.
    Maybe it became too huge for a 32bit app?!

    I also build a Icon for the application, so I’m going to share it here.


  25. Reply Bobby Staht says:

    Hello…I habe been using this awesome plugin for fillinh\g out scenes in Terragen3 and now I hear from the planetside forum that ivy generator 2012 will not work in Windows 10. Is ther perhaps a fix in the wind or do I need a 2nd computer to use this?

  26. Reply SUNIL says:

    i cant render these ivy generator object in Maya using mentral reder engine
    when am render its jittering when the camera goes long view
    so pls help to render

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