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Hello folks,

Here’s a quote from my latest interview. I want to publicly thank Azhar and Egamer for interviewing me.

Creating puzzles that make sense both within themselves and in the environment of the game has been an ongoing challenge throughout the production, and I think it’ll continue to be like that until the very end. The game will be linear but there’s the possibility of a feature that I’m trying to implement whereby some environments and the puzzles within them will change if the player dies and has to restart from the last checkpoint. This is to prevent the player from memorizing the environment and the solutions to the puzzles. However, the environments will not be procedural, as in “created by an algorithm”. They’ll be handmade just like any other environment.

You can check the rest of the interview here

2 Responses to Egamer interview

  1. Reply Tim says:

    A lot of good info in that interview. I was already looking forward to this game but now it’s building up to child-like excitement.

  2. Reply Alex says:

    yeh know what you mean Tim this is the game I have been most anticipating this year!

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