Latest updates

It’s been a busy couple of days. Here’s a bullet-point list of the stuff I did:

– Re-encoded some of the videos. File sizes changed from 70MB to 20MB with no noticeable loss of quality with 3 pass encoding. It’s pretty easy to overdo quality and bitrate settings it seems. Needs lots of iterations. Videos on the blog should load much faster now.

– Updated the release date on the various documents and the trailer.

– Lost half a day of work when Windows 7 boot manager decided to corrupt itself. Lesson learned: keep a copy of Windows 7 on an USB stick.

-Researched into how other companies write release date postponement press releases (it seems games that are released on time are a rarity). Wrote my own. And sent it to various *free* press release sites. I won’t be spending $400-$500 on a single press release ever again., go fuck yourself! If I wanted to be on Congo Times I could have send them an email myself!!!

– Caught up with my emails. I think I’ve answered all of them but if you didn’t receive a reply from me, please send your email again.

– Learned that raytracer based renderers are better at handling instanced geometry (more than a billion) with regard to memory (5GB vs 16+swapping) than a renderman complaint renderer that shall remain nameless. Although there is a great chance that raytracers fuck up pretty bad when it comes to enabling motion blur in the scene, which usually adds anywhere between 50% to 100% to both the render times and the memory requirements. Still 3d motion blur looks much better than post-production 2d motion blur.

– I’ll soon be releasing a multi-core ivy generator as a tiny contribution to the 3d community. More details follow soon.

– Added some new pictures of Bobo to this post and posted them to Reddit’s aww section.

– Learned a new English word: indelible.

– I’ve talked about myself in the third person and addressed myself as CEO. God I truly hate writing press releases.

– The only game I’m playing is Left 4 Dead 2. Some people turn into monsters when they’re driving. I turn into a despicable horrendous monster of a pitiful human being when I’m playing L4D2. “Fuckin noob”, “WTF!”, “Get the fuck out you noob”, “ffs fucking move!” are pretty much what I always write to other people on a daily basis. Can’t help myself. I got so mad at “noobs” that I got myself a VPS in Germany and opened my own dedicated server (a 512MB server is more than enough) just so that I can kick them without wasting any time. Turns out there are gazillion of empty L4D2 servers out there, mine included. So much for the ego boost.

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  1. Reply Tim says:

    You have indeed been busy. Just don’t work yourself to the point of being a crazy basement dweller.

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