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The game is almost done so I’m moving once again to trailer #2. I decided to create a members’ area for those who preordered the game, and I’ll be releasing the “making of” stuff (videos, screenshots, tests/gameplay footage, audio/music bits, etc.) from both the new trailer and the game. Hope you folks like what you see in there in the upcoming days. It’ll be updated every 10 days or so until the release.

So what about the release date? I hear some of you (OK, all of you) asking. Answer: I’m done giving release dates. During the production, I’ve managed to fail epically (many times) on estimating how long stuff’s going to take, so I’m not doing that anymore. It’ll be sooner rather than later, plus now you’ll see what the game looks like in the members’ area in the upcoming days.

You should get an email from me to your PayPal email address with your password soon. If you don’t, please check your spam folder. If it’s not there, use the contact page to get in touch with me. I’m working on adding a “notify me of new posts” feature so you’ll be notified of new updates.

Edit: That feature is done. Please check your member panel for subscription settings.

10 Responses to Members Area

  1. Reply Tim says:

    Excellent! I’ve been patiently waiting for nearly 2 years now and still haven’t lost interest. Looking forward to that trailer.

    I’m not a fan of release dates in many situation because it often results in games being put out incomplete. As far as I’m concerned a release date should be given when the game is nearly finished and all that’s needed are spruce ups, final testing, and launch preparations.

  2. Reply Mehmet says:

    Great news! I haven’t ordered the game yet, so it would be nice if you could send some screens our way too on the blog.

  3. Reply Horror_Fan says:

    Excellent…I want to see new screens and trailers of this great game!

  4. Reply Bailey says:

    Nice to hear from you! I was worried for a while there, phew! I look forward to every ten days ;)

  5. Reply Antoine says:

    Honestly with as long as its taking for one chapter Id hate the wait for the additional ones… Id rather the whole game just be released as one huge complete game even if it takes another 2-3 years as opposed to waiting 1-2 years between chapters lol.

    But as for the members section Ill gladly join when we get a PS3 pre order available :p

  6. Reply Horror_Fan says:

    Hello, folks.
    Any news of this game? :( I want to see a new video.

  7. Reply Isak Andersson says:

    Yay! Managed to get in by resetting the password. The email had most likely gotten lost in spam since the reset email was in spam filter for me. So that’s a good tip for the folks out there, if you didn’t get the email, just click forgot password and check your spam!

    The stuff over there is looking great. I was hoping for more content about the game rather than the trailer but that is probably gonna be posted as well I’d imagine :)

    Can’t wait for the game!

  8. Reply Isak Andersson (@BitPuffin) says:

    I’m gonna do a let’s play of this game as soon as it becomes available :D

    By the way if you truly want the players to scream, make sure that there is no way to pause. It’s a secret to everybody.

  9. Reply Questioneer says:

    So. Last news is getting an half year old. Dafuq is (not) happening?

  10. Reply Horror_Fan says:

    I’m still waiting for some news.
    I hope developing is ok…i want to see a new trailer or some new images of this game :(

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